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Le Schiffre

Jeffrey was always gathering music from a zillion sources. Due to this carefully filtered music collection, his friends used to hand over mp3 players to fill them up. While this urge to collect music was advancing fast, Jeffrey’s french teacher was always calling him chèvre. Being called chèvre and collecting music like James Bond was collecting casino chips and villains, there was only one signature name left: Le Schiffre.

One thing let to another and Le Schiffre was playing 50+ gigs in 2014. Besides playing tracks in clubs, he forced a group of music-loving boys to establish Hibou and organize experiences located in sophisticated venues like on mount Rigi or on Vierwaldstättersee. Together with Mobi (Tiefgang Recordings) he established a monthly event called Go Out + Do Good at Berne’s most famous Club Bonsoir. You could spend any amount of money at the entrance for Viva con Agua (supporting clean drinking water and basic sanitation for all humans worldwide) and have a mind-blowing party inside the club. A pretty solid plan, which let to a five-figure donation for the non-profit institution.

Living together with Mobi they produced a couple of remixes and an EP which aired on Switzerland’s most influential electronical radio show CH Beats. After all Le Schiffre is still gathering, and gathering and gathering… until no-one wants to fill up his cloud anymore.

Resident Advisor